Inner Mind Sports is the "brain child " of Coach Lorie Pulliam who has spent 38 years in sport as a mental sports development coach. Unlike sports psychology, Lorie has tested several ways to incorporate the body and mind for top performance of young developing athletes. Better known as mental: speech, movement, cues and peripheral vision is all blended together to increase the Brain's capacity.

Think about areas in your sport that are untapped, as there are 16 areas in the brain that ensure sporting excellence. Youth and developing players will learn about these key areas as well as over 100 concepts such as:
Confidence is never lost in the human brain, it is impossible.
Consistency in the mind is the key to sports success.
You are your own best coach.
Make your Own Peanut Butter Sandwiches ( Independence Training)
Practise does not make perfect. Practise makes Performance 

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Coach Lorie is dedicated to help you develop a better brain. This will help in school, relationships, team dynamics and creating your PB (Personal Best). If you are willing to develop your mental game you will see a huge improvement in your ability to cope with adversity, undue stress, change and being apart of a sporting family!

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