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Golf Testimonials

“I came to Coach Lorie feeling like I have a lot of natural ability at the game, but a passion to get better in competitive environments. I am a 1 handicap golfer and the two previous years I tried to quality for the Alberta Open and Alberta Am, shooting in the 80’s at both of those events each year. Frustrated and working hard on my physical swing, I couldn’t figure out why things felt so good when I would go out and play on the course day-today, but physically felt so different under pressure.

Coach Lorie provides an incredible and unique learning environment, her energy is beyond infectious, and no matter what time of day you meet with her you feel as if they most important thing in her world is your
development and success. Upon walking in to her studio everything is tailor-made to your experience, the previous session is on her white board to reminder you where you’ve been and a path is laid out to see where you’re going. Her ability to connect other experiences and activities in your life to help you understand the subject is truly helpful as some of the material is challenging and thought provoking. Each session is a blend of soul searching and physical tasks that connects your thoughts to physical space and time and allows you to feel a connection to your swing and clubs in a way hard to describe in words. Much of what I realized was that pre-swing I had a routine physically, but mentally my thoughts where everywhere. We created 3 commanding words as I stepped in to putt (which I felt was my biggest area of improvement) that allowed my brain to compute what it needed to do.

Line, Tempo, Speed. We dissected those words so that my brain knew exactly what those three things represented and what it needed to do. On course analysis and video is also included, focusing on specifics like pre-shot mental routine and post shot analysis. Many of the shots were videoed in a non-obtrusive manner that allowed me to watch from an observer view and make physical corrections, but also see myself in space in time. Everything that is accomplished each session is compiled in a summery email that is sent out always in a timely fashion to be reviewed between sessions.

I once again tried to qualify for those same two tournaments this spring, this time having not worked on my physical swing much, but only having those mental lessons over the off-season. My results were a top 10 in Open qualifying and top 5 in Amateur qualifying. I also proceeded to make my first ever cut at the Amateur tournament, playing well the second round when the pressure was on after a shaky first.

Without any hesitation at all I would recommend anyone to try the incredible experience and expertise of Inner Mind Sports if you are a young golfer looking to pursue golf at the highest level, or a weekend warrior looking for bragging rights in your foursome. Coach Lorie is one of the most incredible individuals I have ever met and I truly look forward to continue working with her in the future!”

David Addison
Global Sports Academy, Calgary CANADA
Alberta Golf Amateur, Golf Coach

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