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It Starts Within You.

Mental Qualities Introduction

For the 60 million people who play golf worldwide there is one simple rule. Get the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible. So why do we make it so complicated and stressful? Human beings have a tendency to add stress when there is a sense of competition. You will need to decide why you play.
If competitive play is in your future, then champions must strive for consistency and improvement each day. Many golfers get out there and try to work on too many aspects all at once. Give yourself a single consistent assignment for that day so you can see more improvement.

It may be worthwhile for all young players to watch some great golfers back in history. This simple game was based on respect and sportsmanship and still is. Please take time to watch techniques from people like Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Tom Watson and Nancy Lopez. Compare them with: Tiger Woods, Michelle Wei, Vijay Singh, Rory McIlroy and Christie Kerr. You will see some terrific swing mechanics designed for power and accuracy by them all and yet each one has something special to offer in terms of their approach to the game.

What makes them all champions however is the mental side of the game, based on attitude and facing adversity as the main building blocks. Mental Toughness is not a golfer with a huge ego…mental toughness is consistency under all conditions.

Mental training creates consistency when a player is open to learning. Mental training is about change. The brain is a complex space and a storehouse of information. The brain, just like your computer needs maintenance and updates. If you believe that golf is about improving each day, then you are on the right track.

Golfers 22 Mental Skills

Think for a moment of the best shot you ever made in golf. Why do you still remember this? The answer is simple. Your brain stored this significant memory because it had meaning to yourself. It was a moment in time, you were successful, respected and worthy of your time on the course. Well done.

Imagine in mental training, tools that you can use each day to help you create consistent and constant skills for life. There are 22 mental characteristics for golfers that you can use to increase your game.
Ready to get started?

Please read this list first and then we will break this down together with a lesson for each component, to build your understanding of your mental self. Circle or star * at least three (3) areas you are already good at so we start from a strength based method of helping you create a better game. Please consider getting a new blank journal, you will want to write several things down.

M1. Mental Qualities: Definitions

1. Logical Player
The ability to use only the most important facts when creating your golf shots.

2. Balance Reasoning
The ability to select the most effective golf movement pattern for that moment.

3. Strong Decision Making
The ability to see the options for a shot and to make the right move consistently.

4. Recall
The ability to use a hole/shot from the past (that has been successful)and you remember the detail in accomplishing this movement.

5. Reset
The ability to control the variables in your environment and to store the correction and move on with no emotional baggage.

6. Retention
The ability to remember the steps involved in completing the movement with proper alignment and accuracy.

7. Short and Long Term Memory Responses
To remember only the pieces of the performance that are your personal best. Then to store these moments only to build a platform for your next competitive event or round.

8. Personal and Professional Self Confidence
The ability to know that confidence is stored as individual responses to certain stimulus. The more success variables you have stored the stronger the confidence connection in your brain.

9. Internal Worthiness
The ability to know WHY you do what you do. A deeper realization that your opinion counts and your ideas are valued as a golfer and club member.

10. Self Esteem
The ability to complete a task from A-Z on your own with your personal knowledge and passion for change.

11. Visionary
The ability to recognize your own personal knowledge of golf and using this to your advantage.

12. Creative
The ability to connect concepts that are meaningful to your brain in perspective of something as fresh or new in your game along with what your golf coach helps create in you.

13. Golf IQ
The ability to study golf daily, helping you be a better ambassador for the game.

14. Coachable
The ability to re-define your openness for change and willingness to learn and take feedback well each day.

15. Focus/Filter
The ability to filter the trajectory, see the shot openly without any distractions.

16. Ambitious
The ability to see that your work ethic will pay off. Designing a way to see advancement in what you do as inspirational.

17. Unbiased
An ability to break down your own performance without personal attachment or emotions.

18. Attention to Detail
The ability to create a visual and sensory picture to hold on to what happened and how to correct it for the next shot/game/round.

19. Anticipation
The ability to use stored information for an automatic response under pressure on critical holes.

20. Adaptability
The ability to see the various scenarios as possibilities, not absolutes, you adjust quickly to changes in course conditions and approaches to the hole.

21. Determined
The ability to demonstrate resiliency based on your experience and knowledge of the play you push forward and do not give up.

22. Consistency
The ability to demonstrate the same effective skill set and strategies every time, day in and day out. Using what works for you in grip, stance, club selection and swing!





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