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It Starts Within You.


This publication has been created to experiment with the 95 characteristics that make up a well rounded golfer. You will notice each of these areas is defined for you using the word “ABILITY”. I believe no matter your background, age, gender or genetics we all have abilities that lead to possibilities and opportunities! It is all connected.

1. Players Ages 11 and under will benefit if these lessons are completed with a coach or parent.

2. Players Age 12- 23 should take the entire golf season to work through these lessons as well as self-training off season for mental health. You are not alone.

3. Professional, College and Varsity players should fill in the feedback lines at the end of each lesson to get feedback directly from Coach Lorie who is here to further your career.

4. Coaches and Parents, just by reading a lesson per week, you will increase your sports knowledge and perhaps pick up tips using the mental tools. A lot of the families I work with say that the parent used the tool as much as their up and coming athlete, or college player!

95 lessons priced at $25.00 CAN to give you an advantage.

NOTE: There is no order to how you approach the lessons. Please select one of the categories where YOU need the most support. Work at your own pace. Give the mental tools time to become apart of your overall plan for success.

PLEASE! Fill in the FEEDBACK LINES at the end of a lesson and Coach Lorie will actually reply to your request! Remember she is available also by phone and FACETIME one on one mental sports development sessions for your golf game.

Take time to think about your own personal performance as there is no need to compare yourself to someone else. You are a miracle, there is no one like you and certainly I wish you to play the sport of golf for a long time. Let’s start at the first hole and allow your mind to begin to see your drive the way you imagined it, calm and smooth.

The brain skills training in this program have been divided into five sections called:

M1.    Mental Qualities

M2.    Emotional Landscape

M3.    Social Capacity

M4.    Physical Skill Set through the Mind

M5.    Belief System

The materials can be used for any setting. Wether you are just starting golf or tournament play it is essential you learn how to control the mind to control the body. I hope you see a way to build a better person first and then a better golfer.

This information is from my 38 years in sport in which I have experimented with mental tools drawing from my research in Kinesiology, Sports Psychology, Human Mechanics, and Applied Neuroscience for sport. It is my sincere passion to see you grow and develop. You have all the time in the world to create a golf life that is rich in friendships, memories and pleasure. 

Coach Lorie Pulliam      BPE (Kines), MA Sports Science, Applied Neuroscience

In purchasing this mental sports program, please note that Inner Mind Sports will not be responsible or liable for any risks associated with mental health issues or professional career placement for athletes as a result of the program.

95 Mental Tennis Performance Training Courses

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