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Hockey Goalie Testimonials

“I have been training with Coach Lorie privately for the past 3 seasons. Since we began working together my game has improved tremendously over the years. From my senior year in college where I was nominated to both our regional, conference and league All-Star teams as well as earning as position for the DVCHC European All-Star Selects.

Last season I was the starting goaltender for Orsa IK in division 3 (pro hockey) and this year will be playing with Soderhamn Ljunse HC in division 2. I believe that all hockey athletes would benefit from her unique perspective on improving an individuals mental abilities as a whole. The coping skills, refinement of movement and understanding the intricate components of the game have been invaluable.”

Steven Altman
Hockey Goaltender & Developmental Coach
Soderhamn Ljusne HC

“ I worked with Coach Lorie to improve my mental game as a professional athlete. It is the most important aspect of what we do as goalies. Lorie was able to help me make critical decisions at the right times in terms of my goals, working with my agents, planning my professional skills with strong mental tools that stayed with me for life. Her skills in neuroscience are far beyond the normal aspect of sports, she build champions.”

Dan Spence
Professional Goaltender, Goalie Coach
President 360 Goaltending

“Coach Lorie has been a blessing, she helped me grow in so many areas of my life. My journey with hockey has been anything but easy, being able to fight through adversity was something Coach Lorie and I worked through countless times. We did this by building a foundation for mental toughness that I continue to work at. Coach Lorie has the mind and tools to help any athlete become the best version of themselves they can be. I would not be the athlete I am today if it were not for the time spent working on the mental side of my game as a varsity goal tender with Inner Mind Sports.”

Colin Cooper
Mount Royal University, Men's Hockey Program 2017

“Coach Lorie has taught me so much, it is hard to express into words. I wanted to perform well under stressful conditions at a high level in which I controlled the play from my net. As a female goalie at times the shots are not hard but there are several attempts. So my rebound control had to match the play. I have trained mentally with Lorie for seven seasons. One technical lesson with her is like five lessons on the ice. It is worth the time, effort and energy to train the brain to see the puck at all times. I am learning the fine art of tracking and my game just continues to improve.Thanks COACH, brain science works.”

Dayna Owen
Goalie Women’s Hockey Program
University of Alberta

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