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Hockey Goalie

It Starts Within You.

Belief Systems for Sports Excellence

This group of lessons involves your internal thoughts, cultivated through your life experiences that are eventually stored in your mind.  This is the locked chamber of belief. In this case these components involve expression, building on a positive and optimistic feeling that sports can give you. This also encompasses deep feelings of satisfaction when you create the best possible performance that you are capable of. You can say that all the hard work paid off. Mental training will be the hardest thing you do consistently well over physical training any day.

Eight separate areas are outlined here for you to go a bit more deeper in your thoughts and ideas as an athlete, student and person/professional.

1. Faith

What you believe in.

2. Ownership

Working for a given goal and obtaining it, due to your effort. 

3. Affirmation

The ability to believe you can do something through positive suggestions in your self talk. 

4. Study the Sport

Learn from new trends and research, watch professionals and talk with coaches more

5. Self Realizations

The belief that you are unique, your personal best is good enough–your capacity if unknown. 

6. Prayer & Meditation

Ideas that are filtered to the essence of who you are and how you feel: grateful, thoughtful and mindful

7. Friendship

Based on unconditional respect and acceptance of another  person/teammate/coach or colleague

8. Mastery

The ultimate level of skill in which you know the body, mind and spirit come together as one. This forms your best performance and contribution at that very moment

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