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Soccer Testimonials

“I have been working with Coach Lorie for over 7 years. I came to Lorie when I was at a tough time (soccer) football wise in my life, I had thoughts of giving up my dreams, but Lorie with all her knowledge and wisdom turned my (soccer) football career around and I have been traveling the world doing what I love to do. She is a fantastic mentor very caring and always positive. Mind Science has improved my game and I am glad to represent Inner Mind Sports also as a mentor for the program”.

Ethan Gage
Professional Soccer Player
National Team Canada U20, Nykopings BIS Sweden (2017)


I met Lorie Pulliam when I was 17 years old while preparing for a tryout with a Women's Professional team in Germany. I can confidently say that ever since that first encounter, Lorie has impacted me on every level of personal growth till this day, 9 years later. As an athlete, Lorie provide me the guidance, education, and focus in preparation for soccer games at the club, collegiate, and professional level. Understanding the impact of a strong mind and mental focus was one of the biggest determining factors in my ability to becoming the athlete I dreamed of becoming. I can't thank Lorie enough for her support!! She not only supported me in becoming a Professional soccer player, but she provided me with the tools to becoming a confident, proud, and balanced individual. As a student, Lorie would work with me in preparation for the Physiotherapy program at UofA. Her mental coaching at this time was extremely valuable as it provided me with confidence and the ability to further my career in Physiotherapy. Lorie is constantly pushing you to challenge yourself, dream big, never give up, and more importantly to believe in yourself and your abilities. The confidence I have throughout all aspects of life began with Lorie's mental coaching through sport and it has transferred through all aspects of life which I am incredibly grateful for! Anyone who works with Lorie and her mental sports development program will only strive to become a better version of themselves daily!

Josie Price, Professional Women's Soccer Player, USA State Champion, Captain

Crossft Competitor, Physiotherapy Program Student

Mental Performance Training Courses.

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