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It Starts Within You.


Introduction: Organization

All athletes have busy schedules in which they go from one event/competition or activity to another. If you think life is “normal” it is not for an athlete. The many athletes I work along with tell me it is—NONSTOP!

What tools are available for athletes to be more organized and to get the most out of their day?

Day One: Communication

There is a deep pool of research that suggests that when humans communicate in a caring and compassionate way they perform better in their daily lives as well as sports. How do we learn to communicate better?

Day Two: Preparation

There are times that I am astonished that a up and coming competitive athlete has no formal plan to prepare for both practises and games. The brain’s main function is to recall data that creates a platform for success. What is a solid routine for preparation and how should you be feeling before a competition?

Day Three:

Discipline for the athlete represents filtering and drilling down to the core of the performance. This requires an energy factor in which you concentrate only on your simple and basic movements in a single training period, practise and game situation.

Day Four:

Language of the mind is based on experiences, change and growth as you mature as an athlete. You may have some internal messages that you still say to yourself in times of stress, before a game or during a competition.

Day Five:

Understanding is one of the most significant words that will ever be used in your life. The word is a description of how we bridge the gap in communications and begin to retain a “life lesson” of some kind.

Day Six:

The word strategy is associated clearly with the words: plan and actions. The saying-“ plan your work and work your plan comes to mind.” You will get no where in your sporting life without a concrete plan on paper.

Day Seven:

If all sporting events and performances could be “predictable” in terms of a winning outcome, I wonder if that would take the excitement and variability out of why we play?

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