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About The Creator

Coach Lorie Pulliam

Coach Lorie has worked with some of the most dedicated performers out there. These people have special qualities in that they were looking for a way to advance their skills to the next level of performance.On the athletic side Coach Lorie has helped people in:Individual sports such as gymnastics, dance, tennis, golf, skiing, ski-cross, snowboarding, swimming, BMX racing, formula one racing, marathon, ultra marathon, and rodeo.Team sports such as hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, football and baseball.Another area that Coach Lorie has a passion for is helping professionals to create a LIFE MAP that supports them advancing in their career as well as relationships. You may be in business, an entertainer, an artist or educator/writer or student in which all of us want and need to improve our minds.Performers are people who seek personal truth, understanding, and show unconditional dedication.Gold medals, trophies, and recognition are the external rewards.The real internal reward is reaching your personal best and then having enough energy to do this again.

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